Cycling To Horrabridge And Along The Drakes Trail

he bridge over the River Walkham in Horrabridge

This cycle route takes you along the back lanes from Tavistock, through the riverside village of Horrabridge and then back to Tavistock along the Drakes Trail. It’s a variation of the Drakes Trail route between Tavistock and Yelverton, and the cycle between Tavistock and Sampford Spiney, that I published recently.

Horrabridge is a small village built around the River Walkham which flows under the picturesque bridge in the village centre. The village is close to the Drakes Trail so many walkers and cyclists take the detour to visit it, perhaps in the hope of seeing salmon leaping up the river, or, more liikely, to refresh themselves in one of the two village pubs.

It’s fun to explore to a village like Horrabridge by cycling along the back lanes, although this route does involve travelling for about half a mile alonng the A386 so I don’t think it is suitable for children. It is a great opportunity to explore some of the back lanes and maybe find your own routes in the area for variety.

There are a few hills as you leave Whitchurch, but overall, it is not too taxing a route.

Distance 9.38 Miles (15.1 Km)
Height Gained 797 feet (243 m)
Difficulty 4
Bike Required Road or Mountain Bike
Suitable for children No because of the A386.
Free Mapping File Downloads horrabridge-drakes-trail-cycle-localdevon.gpx


This cycle starts at the entrance to Tavistock Golf Club at the top of Down Road in Tavistock. Head along Green Lane, which bisects the golf course and then turn right at the crossroads towards Whitchurch. You will see Whitchurch church on your right as you head into the village.

Entrance to Tavistock Golf Club

Turn left at the crossroads by the Post Office and head along the road, which can be busy and has a few blind bends to be aware of. After about one mile, take the left turn and there is a scenic country lane to cycle along back towards Middlemoor. At the end of the lane you come across this signpost, so take the turning towards Horrabridge and cycle down the steep hill into the village.

Whitchurch down sign post

As you cycle over the bridge, have a look at the weir and fast flowing river. Even better, take some time to wander around and watch the river flow by from the river bank.

The fast flowing River Walkam in Horrabridge

Cycle out of the village and turn right onto the A386, which you follow until you see the sign to Drakes Trail and a parking area in about half a mile. There is a steep path up to the Drakes Trail which you probably need to walk up. It can be hard to see where this path starts in the car park, but look for this sign to the left as you enter the car park.

Drakes trail entrance near Horrabridge

It’s now an easy cycle back towards Tavistock along Drakes Trail, making this an interesting and scenic route which mostly avoids busy roads.

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