Walking Around The Plym Valley Near Plymbridge

The river Plym near Plymbridge

This is a scenic and very enjoyable walk along the River Plym in Plympton, on the outskirts of Plymouth. It always surprises me that such lovely countryside is so close to the bustling Marsh Mills retail park. In fact this walk starts near the Marsh Mills car park!

This walk is only around four miles long and as it takes you along the Plym valley there are only occasional gentle inclines, so it is an easy and enjoyable walk for all the family.

You should be aware of the three hour parking time restraints in the Marsh Mills retail park, however there is plenty of free parking in the area.

Distance 4.5 Miles (7.2 Km)
Height Gained 180 feet (55 m)
Difficulty 3
Suitable for children Definitely
Free Mapping File Downloads plym-valley-plymbridge-walk-localdevon.gpx


You start this walk by turning down Leigham Valley Drive towards the woods. You will pass the Riverside Caravan Park, and soon enter the woods alongside the river.

start of Plymbridge walk on leigham Manor drive

This is an ideal trail for dog walkers and you should be able to let your dog off the lead, once you leave the road. The trail can get pretty muddy, particularly in winter, as you can see in this photo.

The Plymbridge walk can be muddy

After about 1.5 miles, you can cross the river at Plym Bridge so that you can walk back along the other side of the river. There are interesting variants of this walk as you can head up the Drakes Trail all the way to Yelverton, or even to Tavistock, if you are feeling fit.

You could also explore the interesting walk through Plymbridge Woods, which you soon come across after crossing the river.

The entrance to Plymbridge woods

You soon join the Drakes Trail, where you are likely to encounter cyclists and runners. As the trail follows the disused Great Western Railway, there are plenty of reminders of it’s heritage such as this bridge which crosses the trail.

A bridge crossing Drakes trail

If you keep your eyes peeled, you will also see some metallic sculptures along the way. There are four of these on the trail, each depicting a different animal. This is a sculpture of a Giant Dragonfly set into a bank as you head along the walk back towards Marsh Mills.

Metallic scupltures on Drakes trail

Towards the end of the walk there is another reminder of the history of this trail when you come across the track for the Plym Valley Railway, which operates a number of steam and diesel locomotives.

Old Plym Valley railway tracks

From here it is only a short distance through a few streets back to Marsh Mills, exchanging the chance to see woodpeckers, and even kingfishers, by the river for a cup of coffee in the retail park!

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