Peter Tavy Inn Review

The Peter Tavy Inn in Peter Tavy, Devon

The Peter Tavy Inn on a cloudy day!

Peter Tavy is one of my favourite villages around Tavistock. As it turns out, the Peter Tavy Inn is one of my favourite places to eat out in the Tavistock area too!

I have spent many hours cycling in the lanes around Peter Tavy and love the fact that you can get onto the moors so easily. There is a caravan site and several B&B’s on the outskirts of the village so this is a fabulous place in which to explore this part of Dartmoor, and yet be near Tavistock and the other facilties in the area.

St Peters chrch in Peter Tavy

The delightful St Peter’s church in Peter Tavy

So if you are exploring this fantastic area, on a long walk or just a local who loves good food and atmosphere, you really must try out the Peter Tavy Inn, which is hidden down a small lane by St Peter’s church as you head out of Peter Tavy village up towards the moors.

Even though this pub is only about a ten minute drive from where we live, this was the first time that I had actually ventured inside, though Diane had eaten there several times with her friends.

Friendly and welcoming atmosphere

The Peter Tavy Inn was apparently built in the 15th Century and it retains a huge amount of character and charm. I love the fact it is so close to the church and I can imagine the thousands of people who have strolled from the church down the narrow pathway to this pub over the centuries, and then maybe staggered to their homes in the village afterwards.

The atmosphere is really welcoming and the staff are very friendly and willing to please. The rooms are small and characterful and when we vistited for lunch there was a woodburner in a large fireplace adding to the charm. This pub is great.

A woodburner in the Peter Tavy Inn

The woodburner and fireplace adds to the charm

Excellent home made food. The meat pies are to die for

The Peter Tavy Inn is renowned for its’ home cooked food and is locally recognised for the amazing meat pies that take centre place on the menus.

I just had to try the Steak and Stilton pie and swapped the sauteed potatoes that came with it for some excellent chips. A huge piece of delicious pie arrived along with plenty of tasty gravy, the chips and a small plate of very well cooked vegetables.

You often find that pubs and restaurants buy in their pies from wholesalers and then warm them up in a microwave to serve. Not only are they mediocre at best, but there is no passion invested in their cooking. I rarely order pies at these places because you can do much better at home.

Not so, this pie from the Peter Tavy Inn. It was wonderful, and I don’t mean that lightly. It was filled with beef with just the right amount of stilton and the pastry was delicious. You do not get pies of this quality from a wholesaler. I would definitely order a meat pie from here again.

Delicious steak and stilton pie

A really fantastic steak and stilton pie

The pensioner’s menu is great value

The landlord of the Peter Tavy Inn is doing some clever marketing by offering a pensioners menu for weekday and Saturday lunchtimes. The portions are smaller and as one course costs £6.25 or you can have two courses for £8.75, this represents excellent value and the pub definitely has not stinted on the quality of the food.

Diane, who definitely isn’t a pensioner, ordered beer battered haddock with chips and peas from this menu and really enjoyed it. As you can see from this image, her food looked and tasted great.

beer battered haddock with chips and peas

You don’t need to be a pensioner to enjoy the pensioner’s menu

It was a good job that we didn’t have a starter and neither of us could contemplate a dessert after the sizes of those main meals. It was lunchtime and those main courses set us up for the rest of the day.


For the quality of the food, I think the prices at the Peter Tavy Inn represent good value. This is what we spent:

  • Steak and Stilton pie with chips and vegetables : £12.50
  • Beer battered haddock with chips and peas from the pensioners menu : £6.25
  • Drinks : I had a pint of Moorstones Brewery Ruby Red real ale (very good!) and Diane had a bottle of coke.

Total bill : £24.25

My verdict

This is easy. As you can tell, we both very much enjoyed our lunch at the Peter Tavy Inn. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the food is excellent. I don’t hesitate recommending it and I’m really looking forward to going back there.

As I said at the beginning of this review, the Peter Tavy Inn has just become one of my favourite places to eat in the Tavistock area.

Ethics statement

We have no commercial relationship with the Peter Tavy Inn. They did not know that I was writing this review and we paid for our meal in full.

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