Tea On The Green, Exeter, Review

The Tea On The Green cafe in Exeter

The Tea On The Green cafe in Exeter

With its mix of excellent shopping, narrow streets and historic buildings, Exeter is always an interesting city to visit, but it can be difficult to choose from all the restaurants and cafes when the time comes for a spot of lunch.

When wandering around the streets near Exeter Cathedral recently, I was pleased to stumble across the Tea On The Green cafe which seemed ideal for myself, Diane and Charlotte, our daughter.

This cafe is situated in a fantastic position besides Cathedral Green overlooking the magnificent cathedral. If you are fortunate to get a table by the windows, particularly on the upstairs seating area, then you really can enjoy stunning views of the cathedral while you enjoy the cafe’s high quality food, much of which is locally sourced.

Busy, but friendly and welcoming staff

Being so close to the cathedral, we were lucky to get a table for three at lunchtime as the cafe was so busy. There seemed to be a good mix of tourists, locals and people like us from nearby Devon towns so there was a good atmosphere and although they were working hard, all the staff seemed friendly and helpful.

Dogs, or rather a dog, is allowed in the cafe, although there seems to be only one table reserved for dog owners so if that is taken and you have brought your dog into Exeter, then you can sit at the tables outside the cafe.

Good food with a wide choice of dishes

The Tea On The Green offers a wide range of mainly English traditional dishes on its menu, as well as catering for the needs of vegetarians and coeliacs. Light lunches are available as well as more hearty dishes such as all day breakfasts and their tasty looking three sausage and mash meals.

Full English breakfast at the Tea On The Green

Locally sourced organic ingredients in the full English breakfast

We were all quite hungry so I chose the full English breakfast which consisted of locally sourced free range bacon and an excelllent sausage, an egg, baked beans and very good mushrooms. Two pieces of granary toast and butter were also supplied, making this a tasty and substantial meal for £8.25.

Goat cheese panini at the Tea On The Green

The goats’ cheese panini won a thumbs up from Diane

Diane selected a goats cheese panini, which looked great when it arrived and certainly met with her expectations. Diane loves goats cheese and so knows good goats cheese when she comes across it. This cost a reasonable £6.95 and filled her up for the rest of the day.

Half hash at the Tea On The Green

Tasty, but muddled looking hash, but a hash is muddled by nature!

Charlotte ordered a breakfast half hash, which consisted of local fried potatoes, sweetcorn, sausages, beans, onions,
mushrooms and herbs with melted cheddar cheese, a fried egg and a rasher of bacon. The dish looked a bit messy and muddled on the plate (but it is a hash after all!), but Charlotte enjoyed it and thought that it was very tasty. This cost £5.95.

The half hash was certainly enough for Charlotte so you may want to consider carefully how hungry you are before ordering a full sized portion.

Excellent coffee and homemade lemonade

There is real pride shown in the quality of coffee offered by the Tea On The Green, which is evident if you order a cup of coffee from this cafe. I ordered a Cappuccino which was really excellent. Diane ordered a Latte which was also very good indeed.

Great coffee and delicious lemonade

The coffee and fresh lemonade are very good indeed

This is a good place to go if you like great coffee!

Of note, too, was the delicious homemade lemonade, which Charlotte ordered. It was niceley presented and tasted as good as it looks.


I thought that the prices were very fair and represented good value considering that so much care had been taken on good quality local ingredients, some of them organic.

The meal for three of us came to a total of £29.50 which for a filling and tasty lunch, including high quality drinks isn’t too bad at all, givien the marvellous location of this cafe right next to the cathedral.

My verdict

There is an extensive and interesting range of restaurants to choose from in Exeter, which cater for a wide range of tastes from gourmet burgers, Asian and Middle Eastern food through to more traditional cafes and eateries such as the Tea On The Green.

If you are looking for something more traditional, then this cafe is a very good choice. It has a varied choice of items on its extensive menu, caters for lighter lunches such as sandwiches as well as more hearty meals, and I particularly like the care taken in sourcing local high quality ingredients wherever possible.

The coffee is particularly good.

Couple the quality of the food with the fabulous location by the cathedral, then you are onto a winner, which is why this cafe is so busy and popular. Recommended.

Ethics statement

We have no commercial relationship with the Tea On The Green. They did not know that I was writing this review and we paid for our meal in full.

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